Install Theme

Ed’s Dream (The reach around effect). 2014

Embarrassing Bodies. 2014

Dadunga. 2014

PagOHda. 2014

Subba Rub Dub. 2014

Goldilocks Zone. 2014

Bath Ripples. 2014 
Collaboration with Nick Rhodes

Glitch. 2014

cheese. 2014

Sheeple #2. 2014

Red Arrows. 2014

Whack A Mole. 2014

Last Exit. 2014

Collaboration with Adrian Velazco

Malito meets. 2014

Interview- World Wide Blog Hop

I have been asked by Fellow collagist/er and collaborator Adrian Velazco to take part in a World Wide Blog Hop by answering 3 questions about my art practice, and invite three artists to do the same. I’ve yet to ask three artists (I can’t think of any that have yet to take part) but here’s my answers…

What am I working on:

Currently I am slowly battling through a pile of starter collage collaborations from various collage artists, both national and international. image

Doggone. 2014 Collaboration with Adrian Velazco

 I love working on collabs but sometimes they distract me from my solo work, i tend to keep them to a minimum and only work with the best of the best (Adrian, Le Tunk, Jesse T, Jess G, Eddie YCB, Nick R… and soon M.J Lappin… Big cyber hugs)

I have an ongoing series of collages involving men in spandex, sausages and a bunch of docile animals. These collages work as a kind of sketch book giving me ideas and quick wins which I hope to soon develop into paintings.image

BRO. 2013

I’m also work on a series of non-existent monuments, these have become their own “thing”.image

Monument #1. 2014

How does my work differ from others of its genre:

It’s easy to get caught up in the Nat Geo club, everyone at some point (including myself) has relied on the abundance of imagery available from these mag… but it’s getting very tired and repetitive. I like to think my work is beginning to become easily identifiable and this is incredibly important to me, as it should be to everyone. So put them Nat Geo’s down people!
I try to keep my collages humorous and lighthearted (although I AM deadly serious) and make art because it’s fun, I’m not trying to change the world or outdo everyone else, and it’d be more refreshing if people became more honest with their work.image

The Joys of Nature. 2013

Why do I create what I do:

In all honesty, if I had more space I would collage far less. Ive always collaged and recently they have become my main focus, but in my heart I am a painter, however, I don’t have the space to make a mess.
My father is a famous wood carver from Borneo and my mother whittles Mammoth bones into small trinkets, so making art of any kind is like breathing to me. As I mentioned earlier tho, I make art cos it’s fun! I’ve text my long term Collaborator MrMoltonium countless times to tell him of the GOLD I’ve found in my duds. If a collage makes me smile or raises a titter from an onlooker I know I’m on the right track.image

Birdman. 2013  Collaboration with MrMoltonium

How does my creative process work:

I always start with an image in my head, even if I have nothing to collage with I know what I want to make. I rifle through my piles of books and frantically tear (carefully cut) anything of interest that might fit my plan.
I have a HUGE pile of vintage wrestling magazines, not cos I’m a fan of wrestling, but because them fellas pull of some right cakey poses. And the spandex is absolutely knockout. If I see a camp pose coupled with a contorted face I’m cutting that bugger out. I have a plastic tub full of sausages I’ve collected over the past few years, I know some point soon they’ll be making an appearance.
I am in constant contact with MrMoltonium, we talk about everything: UFO’s, probing, Gorillas, fringe activity, portals, gaming. Many a time we have had a conversation which has inspired me to create a certain piece or series of work, this is how our acclaimed ANSWERS series of collages came about. image

From the Answers series.

I also have a big interest in the esoteric, I read books about ancient civilisations, links with ancient astronauts, the occult, hauntings, exploration- all these creep in my work at some point.